Moxibustion therapy is also a treatment of Chinese Medicine therapy. It is a form of heat therapy that involves burning moxa (that is the fine silky fuzz, found on the underside of the leaves of the wormwood plant) on the acupuncture points on meridian.

The primary goal is to warm and encourage the flow of qi in the body and ward off harmful pathogenic influences. It can help with several health issues ranging from digestive troubles to chronic troubles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Moxibustion Therapy?

    Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy which is also a treatment of Chinese Medicine therapy. At MyoFix Moxibustion involves burning moxa (that is the fine silky fuzz, found on the underside of the leaves of the wormwood plant) on the acupuncture points on meridian.

    The primary goal is to warm and encourage the flow of Qi (energy) in the body and ward off harmful pathogenic influences. Moxibustion can help with several health issues ranging from digestive troubles to chronic diseases.

  • What is The Origin of Moxibustion?

    The living environment of ancient humans was very harsh and tools and medicines were scarce.  Early discoverers stumbled upon Moxibustion by accident, they found that the heat from fire could relieve certain type of pains. This brought-forth the awareness that fire could be used to heal pain and thus gave birth to origin of Moxibustion. Later on they discovered that the heat and fumes from burning “Wormwood” (Artemisia absinthium) can relieve pain much more efficiently paving the way for the use of this herb as the raw material for Moxibustion.
  • How does Moxibustion work?

    When Moxa burns, the heat and medicinal fumes penetrates the skin and stimulates the Acupoints (acupuncture points) of the body’s Meridians. Since the Meridian is connected to the viscera organs (soft internal organs of the body, including the lungs, the heart and the organs of the digestive, excretory, reproductive, and circulatory systems) the heat and medicinal fumes clear the path way as it travels to these vital internal organs, improving the efficiency of the nutrition and energy delivery mechanisms to these organs. This process also helps to eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body while supporting and promoting blood circulation throughout the body and has been found to help eliminate nodules and lumps too.
  • What is benefit of moxibustion?

    When the Moxa (that is the fine silky fuzz, found on the underside of the leaves of the wormwood plant) is burnt, its medicinal properties are carried by the fumes and penetrate into the body. The burning Moxa emits a small level of infrared radiation which aids cell metabolism and supports the immune function, thus increasing the body’s resistance. In modern terms, the capillaries of the human body can metabolize and transport heat. The heat generated by burning Moxa is used to improve the visceral dysfunction as it is transmitted along the meridian and it is regulated naturally from the inside to the outside to achieve the ultimate goal.

    So we use the heat generated when the Moxa is burning to congest localised skin, expand capillaries, enhance blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, relieve and eliminate smooth muscle spasm and strengthen the skin tissue metabolism. At the same time, it promotes the dissipation and absorption of inflammation, adhesions, exudates, hematoma and other pathological products.

  • Are there different types of Moxibustion?

    Moxibustion was invented in ancient times by accident using the heat from fire to cure pain. Through time people identified Wormwood leaf in particular, from a variety of plants (Mugwort, genus Artemisia Vulgaris) as fuel for routine Moxibustion which is called Moxa. Since the invention of Moxibustion, there have been no less than a dozen Moxibustion methods using Moxa (dried and processed silky fuzz from underneath the Wormwood leaf) as the main raw material. There are three main Moxibustion classification and they are:

    • Moxa Cone Moxibustion (including direct cone moxibustion on skin and indirect cone moxibustion):
    • Moxa Stick Moxibustion:
    • Moxibustion by use of Apparatus (e.g. needles, crucibles etc.)

    At MyoFix we use Moxibustion by use of Apparatus.

  • What precautions are considered at Myofix before using Moxibustion to treat a patient?

    • It is important to keep your mood calm before Moxibustion and recommended to not do Moxibustion when your mood is unstable, such as great compassion, great joy or great anger. If your mood is unstable, the benefits of Moxibustion will have a reduced effect.
    • Moxibustion should not be done on an empty stomach before a meal and should only be done 30 minutes after meals.
    • It is recommended to drink a cup of warm water prior to your MyoFix Moxibustion therapy treatment

  • Who is Moxibustion not recommended for?

    • Moxibustion is not recommended for patients with severe heart disease, those without self-control, overly excitable, certain infectious diseases, high fever or those suffering from convulsions.
    • Also, Moxibustion cannot be done under these conditions; Intoxicated, extremely fatigued or those who are profusely sweating from strenuous exercise.
    • Pregnant women must only use Moxibustion therapy under the guidance of a professional doctor.

    We have a HealthPoint machine (similar to HI-CAPS) available so you can claim on-the-spot, allowing you to only bare the cost of the GAP payment. Please be mindful HealthPoint does not recognise all health fund providers, thus it may be necessary for us to generate an invoice for you in which you can manually claim through your health care provider at a later time. We can provide your invoice either via email or print you a hard copy.

  • What is Precautions during Moxibustion?

    • Do not play with your mobile phone, do not chat and try not to think about things during Moxibustion. For best results we recommend keeping quiet and relaxing. You can close your eyes and try to feel the Moxibustion sensations that Moxibustion brings to your body.
    • Fans or air conditioners cannot be blown during Moxibustion. This is because the pores are opened during Moxibustion and will ensure the prevention of our patients from catching cold or wind. If the summer heat is really unbearable, one can have the air conditioner in another room to slowly lower the temperature of the whole house during Moxibustion.

  • What should I consider after my Moxibustion therapy treatment at MyoFix?

    • After the Moxibustion is over it is advisable to avoid being exposed to any cold environments. Do not allow the fans to blow directly onto you or expose yourself to air conditioning immediately after your session.
    • It is recommended to not wash your hands or face with cold water and also not drink cold water for at least 2 hours after Moxibustion.
    • Do not take a bath immediately after Moxibustion. It is advisable to wait for at least 4 hours before taking a shower (use high temperature water when bathing, not cold water).
    • Drink plenty of warm water after Moxibustion.
    • Moxibustion can promote the microcirculation of the human body. A change of Qi (energy) will be felt during or after Moxibustion. According to different physical constitutions, this change of Qi may result in sensations such as: soreness, numbness, swelling, pain, itching, cold, heat, wind, chilly, cool, etc. These are called the Moxibustion sensations. Their intensity is diverse when they appear. Sometimes like an ant crawling, sometimes like running water, sometimes like a cold wind blowing and sometimes disappearing and reappearing. When these Moxibustion sensations appear, there is no reason to be alarmed as it is an indication that Moxibustion has begun to work within you.
    • During the Moxibustion conditioning period, the diet should be light. It is recommended to avoid consuming cold, spicy or greasy food and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

  • Can Moxibustion be used during menstruation?

    • This depends on personal circumstances. Moxibustion can be used when menstrual flow is low, but Moxibustion is not appropriate when menstrual flow is heavy.
    • If the menstrual cycle is normal and there is no dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), there is no need to do Moxibustion during menstruation.
    • Menstrual Moxibustion will not cause harm to the body. Menstrual Moxibustion can sometimes have a good effect. Through the amount of blood discharged during menstruation, it can help the body to expel cold, dampness, blood stasis, etc., it is especially suitable for dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) and low menstrual flow in women.
    • However, some people have heavy menstrual flow. At this time, Moxibustion will generally cause greater menstrual flow, causing them to panic and worry. If you exceed your normal menstrual volume and you don’t know how to stop the bleeding, your body may be forced to work harder.

If you have further questions which have not been answered here, be sure to head over to our FAQ section on our website.

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