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Remedial Massage uses effective and varied musculoskeletal techniques to provide relief to tight or injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. Remedial Massage can help relieve pain and restore function to tight muscles and joints. Techniques used can include: swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and passive stretching. In addition to these techniques, clients may be provided with active stretches and exercises to perform at home to continue the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Remedial Massage?

    If it is your first visit, you will be requested to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a Client Intake Form. This allows the Massage Therapist to be aware of any health concerns you may have.

  • Is Remedial Massage painful?

    Whilst Remedial Massage can be a relaxing experience, depending on the pressure you can tolerate is what sensation your body will experience. Remedial Massage is a highly skilled technique where the Massage Therapist has the ability to locate the problem area which is causing the pain and discomfort. It is very important to communicate to the therapist when things hurt and if any soreness or pain you experience is outside of your comfort range. There is usually some stiffness or tenderness after a Remedial Massage, but it should subside within a day or so.

  • How does Remedial Massage work?

    Remedial massage works on localised area(s) of your body to break down the muscle spasm (knot) and soften up the hard tissue releasing the stiffness. Regular massage is an effective treatment to bring back muscle strength and tone. Remedial massage helps to relax the muscles, making bone adjustment easier.

  • What is the difference between Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage?

    Physiotherapy is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions which result in pain, restricted movement, weakness and altered mobility caused by degeneration, illness or accident. Physiotherapists are qualified to use electrotherapy such as TENS and ultrasound. Traction, manipulation and mobilisation of jaw/limb and vertebral joints are also utlised. Physiotherapists are competent to refer clients for some diagnostic procedures such as x-rays.

    Remedial Massage therapy is a hands on treatment to soften tissue in turn restoring function, relieving pain, promote healing and decreasing muscle spasm and/or tension to improve physical or athletic performance. Remedial Massage stimulates circulation improving local blood flow.

    Both Physiotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists are able to prescribe strengthening exercises, stretches, balance exercises and postural training.

  • Can you exercise after a Remedial Massage?

    Many Massage Therapists recommend clients avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours after a bodywork session.

    Strenuous exercise includes activities such as running, high intensity aerobics, weight lifting or power yoga classes.

  • What is a Remedial Massage Therapist?

    A remedial massage therapist has completed extensive studies and has a detailed knowledge of the muscular system, the function of the body and most common conditions and treatments for said conditions.
  • Can I claim any health rebates from my Remedial Massage?

    Depending on the level of your health cover, you may be eligible to claim.

    We have a HealthPoint machine (similar to HI-CAPS) available so you can claim on-the-spot, allowing you to only bare the cost of the GAP payment. Please be mindful HealthPoint does not recognise all health fund providers, thus it may be necessary for us to generate an invoice for you in which you can manually claim through your health care provider at a later time. We can provide your invoice either via email or print you a hard copy.

If you have further questions which have not been answered here, be sure to head over to our FAQ section on our website.

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If the therapist feels that the session has turned sexual for the client, male or female, he/she may stop the session to clarify the client’s intent, and may decide to end the session immediately.

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