Solar Term Tea # 2

SECOND SOLAR TERM TEA (Bamboo Tangerine Peel Tea)

On August 7, 2020, we in the Southern Hemisphere ushered in the First Solar Term in the 24 Solar Terms calendar. Li Chun, which marks the arrival of spring. August 23, 2020, the southern hemisphere ushered in the Second Solar Term in the 24 Solar Terms calendar. At this time, due to the gradual warming up of the weather, the blood in our body will start to flow fast, close to the surface of our skin. The internal organs and brain of the human body will be relatively ischemic (restriction in blood supply to tissues, causing a shortage of oxygen that is needed for cellular metabolism {to keep tissue alive}  which causes many people to feel sleepy and develop headache at times.

In the past winter if we did not pay attention to keeping warm and allow our body to be attached by the cold air, the cold air deposited in our body will flow more to the body surface with the blood. This in turn results in various Inflammations that manifest itself in the form of pneumonia, pharyngitis, rhinitis, allergies, headaches, etc. If we do not provide enough energy to the body in winter, in spring, the body’s resistance to viruses will be weaker and we will be more likely to suffer from various illnesses, allergies (e.g. hay fever), spring flu and many other infectious diseases. Myofix recommends a cup of the Second Solar Term tea to help us expel the turbid heat from the body.

INGREDIENT: 3 grams of Zhuru (bamboo rudder),  10 grams of Dried Tangerine Peel (If when inflammation occurs, it can be combined with Houttuynia Cordata {dried heart leaf})

Bluish-White Part Inside Bamboo (Zhuru)

Bamboo Rudder (Zhuru)                                                                                           

Dried Tangerine Peel

METHOD: Put ingredients into 1 Litter of cold water for a while before bringing the heat up to boil for about 2 minutes. The heat needs to be switched off immediately after this.

If you have any of the above mentioned symptoms and a high fever, you can add silkworm excrement to the raw materials of this tea (tangerine peel, bamboo rudder) to reduce the fever, and the dosage needs to be increased.

This tea  can play a very good remedial effect for people who fail to regulate their body in winter.

Solar Term Tea # 2

Solar Term Tea # 2


The efficacy of each ingredient:

Zhuru (Bamboo Rudder)

Scrape off the outermost layer of green skin of the bamboo to expose the bluish-white part inside. The one that is scraped off and dried is called Zhuru. There are many varieties of bamboo. The authentic bamboos should be light bamboos, large headed, tender and  green bamboos that have grown for one year. Its main function is to clear “fire” or heatiness, reduce  phlegm and relieve vomiting. When there is heat, inflammation or fever in the human body, our body is like a battlefield with flames everywhere. Zhuru can help us put out the “fire of war” in our body. It is safe for pregnant women and small babies.

The combination of Zhuru and dried tangerine peel can dissipate heat and turbidity and the combination of tangerine peel and silkworm excrement can quickly reduce fever.

Dried Tangerine Peel

Drying the leftover orange peel from eating tangerines for more than one year will become Dried Tangerine Peel which is a commonly used Chinese medicine.  The dried tangerine peel can help relieve upper respiratory tract infections, such as excessive phlegm, cough, chest tightness, indigestion, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Both ingredients are  very safe even  for pregnant women and babies.

If you have the above symptoms and have a high fever, you can add silkworm excrement to this tea (tangerine peel, bamboo rudder) to reduce the fever, but the dosage needs to be increased.


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