Myofix Solar Term 6

Gu Yu is the last solar term in spring. At this time, the vitality of all things is becoming more and more prosperous and it has reached a climax, which means that the cold  weather is basically over and the temperature rises faster. It is also the turning from spring to summer. The sun is flourishing but the residual coldness from winter is still present in the environment which results in the drastic temperature differences between night, morning and day. Entangled with each other, the climate is constantly in a state of flux. The body is sensitive to these changes and is susceptible to the influence of the extreme temperature swing that results in problems such as sore throat, hay fever, allergies, flu, coughs and many other symptoms that people experience during spring, which is elaborated as follows:

i) Hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, skin redness, itching and pain are prone to occur during this solar term.

ii) Some people are prone to over excitement, irritability, insomnia, and temper tantrums during this solar term. At this time, you can drink a cup of green tea and eat some sour foods.

It is said that the tea leaves picked on this day is particularly good for the body. It can help increase the circulation in the whole body which comprises of two distinct elements which are increase the body’s internal energy and the removal of toxin through urination or sweating.

If you have fever, upset, red and swollen eyes, oral ulcers, facial acne, etc., you can drink more chrysanthemum tea: 5 grams each of chrysanthemum, 5 grams of mulberry leaves and 3 grams of liquorice root which are brewed in boiling water for about 10 minutes.

iii) Some people start to feel sleepy, tired, fatigue, laziness, low back pain and weakness during this solar term. These conditions occurred because the body did not replenish enough energy in winter to allow the body to adapt to the changes during the drastic climate changed in this solar term.

For such symptoms, the food therapy recipe recommended is: Mulberry Millet Porridge (30 grams of mulberry, 50 grams of millet, 1000 ml of water)



iv) Others may have symptoms heaviness, bloating, no apatite to eat and sticky stools. At this time, most people with such symptom will see a yellow coating on their tongue. To help remedy these conditions, you can rub the Yinlingquan point.






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