8th Solar Term Tea

In the southern hemisphere, between November 22 and 23 is the beginning of the 8th Solar Term. At this time of the year people are more prone to symptoms such as soreness of the tongue, ulcers (on tongue, lips etc.), insomnia, restlessness and irritable. Myofix recommends a cup of Lotus Seed Heart Green Tea.

Lotus Seed Heart Green Tea

Ingredients: 3 grams of lotus seed heart, 3 grams of green tea

               Lotus Seed & Lotus Seed Heart

Method: brewing in boiling water

Important Note: Generally, do not drink this tea exceeding three days and do not continue to drink if the symptom disappears.

It can improve the redness of the eyes caused by staying up late. You can also drink this cup of tea when your mood feels irritable or if you have elevated blood pressure with symptoms of dizzy. It can also prevent tongue sores and ulcers.


What does Lotus Seed Heart and Green Tea Do?

The lotus seed heart is the green shoot that starts to grow inside the seed. It tastes very bitter but it has very strong medicinal and health properties. When your mood feels irritable and insomnia, you can use lotus seed heart to make cup of tea and drink. It is also suitable for the symptoms of mental tension, irritability and anxiety caused by excessive thinking and mental stress, such as decompressing candidates before the exam.

Green tea has many health benefits. Green tea has the effect of reducing inflammation that cause ulcers by the removal of heatiness and toxin through the urinal system.

Soaking lotus seed heart alone in water is very bitter and green tea also has a bitter taste but combining the both results is a milder bitter taste.

Note: We can eat lotus seeds with hearts every day but if we take out lotus seeds and eat them alone to brew a tea, it can only be drunk as a health tea for a few days during the 8th Solar Term unless there are any underlining health reason which requires you to drink it more frequently in other seasons.

Lotus Heart Green Tea Helps Reduce:

  • Mouth and Tongue Soreness: Sores on the tongue or the corners of the mouth and sometimes a string of blisters on the mouth.
  • Palpitations and Insomnia: There are many types of insomnia, one of which is: it is easy to wake up halfway through the night and feel annoyed and palpitations when you wake up and unable to fall back to sleep because of the irritable feeling later.
  • Anxiety: Sometimes too much thinking and mental stress cause mental tension, upset, irritability, and anxiety.

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