7th Solar Term Tea

In the Southern Hemisphere, November 7th to 8th is when the 7th Solar Term begins and it is called the Lixia solar term which is the first solar term of summer. It signifies the official start of the summer season. As we all know, summer is the season with the highest temperature of the year. Myofix recommends a ginger and jujube tea to help the body eliminates the toxin that was accumulated from winter to spring.



1 piece of Ginger with skin, 6 pieces of Chinese dates (Jujube)

Ginger & Chinese Red Dates (Dried Jujube)

Ginger & Chinese Red Dates (Dried Jujube)


Raw Material Preparation:

Put a little wheat flour in a bowl, add water, stir well and place a whole piece of ginger (including the skin) to soak for 10 minutes. After that, rinse off the ginger in water and cut off 3 large slices (about 3mm to 5mm thick) together with the skin. Wash the red dried Chinese dates and break them up.


Brewing Process:

  1. Put the prepared red dates and ginger slices with the skin in a pot, add cold water and bring to boil.
  2. Turn to medium heat and cook for more than 10 minutes. It is better to cook for a longer period of time between 30 minutes to 40 minutes.
  • Put the tea in a thermal flask to brew and can be replenished with boiled water to drink throughout the day.


  • The Ginger-Jujube tea can be boiled for a longer time without causing any heatiness symptoms.
  • Be sure to drink it while it is hot, not cold.
  • It is best to drink this tea before noon time.

Ginger-Jujube Tea

Ginger-Jujube Tea


Ginger-Jujube Tea supports the Body as the Weather gets Warmer

When the environment temperature rises, the surface of the human skin will increase in temperature. As a result, the body will naturally start pumping more blood to reach close to the surface of the skin in order to cool down the skin surface heat. This reaction will drain the body’s internal energy. Some of the key organs such as the spleen and the stomach will be relatively weak and cold as a result of this. The Ginger-Jujube tea is used to nourish an rejuvenate the spleen and stomach during this period. Drink Ginger-Jujube Tea can help promote lungs qi and expel out the toxin in the body.



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