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In the Southern Hemisphere, October 23rd is when the 6th Solar Term begins and it is called the GuYu solar term. The 15 days that follows is also the last solar term in spring. This is the time when spring turn into summer and the climate is constantly changing (Cold in the mornings & evenings and hot in the day.  Some days are hot and some days are very cold). Because of these changes in daily climate, the symptoms such as sore throat, red eyes and elevated blood pressure are prone to occur. Women are prone to fatigue, lacking concentration, feeling Irritable, even menstrual syndrome.

At this time, some honey mixed with green tea would help relieve and support the body against such conditions. Myofix recommends Sophora Honey + Green Tea, which would help relieve frequent coughs and sore throats.


12 grams of green tea, appropriate amount of Sophora japonica honey or Manuka Honey as a suitable substitute:

  • Put 12 grams of green tea into a container and brew with water.
  • Filter out the tea leaf
  • When the temperature cool down to 60-40 degree
  • Add two tablespoons of the honey and drink it


Thee Effects of Honey and Green Tea: 

Honey: It has anti-inflammatory effects and also promotes wound healing. People who often cough or have pharyngitis will have hyperplasia or small wounds in the throat, so honey is the best way to help recover.

The anti-inflammatory effect of Sophora japonica or Manuka honey is stronger than that of ordinary honey and it also has the effect of clearing liver and removing heat.

Green tea can reduce inflammation, detoxification and clearing the throat. In this recipe, green tea is made very thick so it also has the effect of lowering fat which can promote the liver’s detoxification and metabolism as well as get rid of excess fat before summer.

Green tea is rich in theanine (Green tea, which is rich in a depression-fighting amino acid called theanine has many health benefits) which has a special replenishing effect on the human body. It is suitable for drinking every day during this sola term.


When brewing honey, do not use hot water over 60°C. Overheating of the water will destroy the nutrients in the honey. It is recommended to brew with warm water at 40°C-60°C. Although honey is good, you can’t eat more, about 20 grams a day, about two teaspoon’s, is enough. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to a cup of 150ml of water. If you like more sweetness, you can add another teaspoon.

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