11th Solar Term Tea

In the southern hemisphere, every year around January 5 to 7, the 11th solar term (XiaoShu) begins. This is the third month of the summer, it is also the last month of the summer, and it is the hottest month of summer.

In the summer solstice the sun’s direct rays reached the southernmost, it is the longest day of the year. But it’s not the hottest time in the year,the highest temperature appears in the year until the earth is warmed up by the extreme sun shine when the ground gas evaporates. At this time the whole earth is like a steaming room, people are like being in a sauna room, sweat a lot.

Excessive sweating can cause body fluid and energy deficiency. We might feel weak, lack of energy, don’t want to talk, don’t want to move and even don’t want to think. Some people sweat all the time; some people feel hot in hands and feet, even constipation; and some people feel head even whole body heavy, their minds are dizzy, sometimes legs are swollen.

Myofix recommends an astragalus tea to help alleviate these phenomena.

Astragalus Energizing Tea

Ingredients: 15-30 grams of astragalus and 6g mulberry leave, (yellow tea for tea drinkers).




Dried Mulberry Leave

Dried Mulberry Leave

Method: put the Astragalus  in a pot and boil for about half an hour, pour the boiled water into a cup with the mulberry leave (yellow tea For tea drinkers)

This tea can not only make up for the loss of qi caused by excessive sweating due to the severe heat, but also make us slim.


The Efficacy of Ingredients

Astragalus is second only to ginseng in Chinese medicine which can replenish energy.

Astragalus to promote wound healing and body function recovery.  It’s good for some people who are weak after a long-term illness or who need tonic after recuperation.

For the elderly the astragalus tea help to lower blood pressure, and blood sugar.

For the young people the astragalus tea help to replenish energy and lose weight.

At the same time, Astragalus can also help our body expel moisture and make people slimmer.


Yellow tea:

Yellow tea is a retort tea. In the process of retorting, digestive enzymes are produced, causing indigestion, which can be drunk.

If you feel that your body is heavy, your mind is dizzy, or your legs are swollen, add Poria for better results.


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